Energy Assistance

Energy Efficiency Programs

Free energy efficiency/conservation programs for low-income consumers

saveONenergy Home Assistance Program (HAP)

HAP helps income-qualified homeowners and tenants improve the energy efficiency of their homes and manage their energy use more effectively. It is centrally managed by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and offered in partnership with Local Electricity Distribution Companies. The program is delivered free of charge to eligible customers across Ontario.

Eligible efficiency measures are determined through an in-home visit with an energy expert and are directly installed by the HAP Service Provider. Depending on what the energy expert finds during the in-home visit, you may be eligible to receive free energy-saving upgrades, including:

  • Smart power bars

  • Indoor drying rack

  • Water-saving showerheads and faucet aerators

  • ENERGY STAR®  appliances (Refrigerator, Freezer, Window Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier)

Participants who heat their homes electrically may also qualify for comprehensive draft-proofing and/or home insulation upgrades. All items are provided and installed free of charge.

Participants in the Ontario Electricity Support Program, and LEAP Emergency Financial Assistance grant recipients are automatically eligible for HAP. To learn more, visit


Enbridge Gas Distribution: Low-Income Enbridge Home Winterproofing Program

The Enbridge Home Winterproofing program provides income-eligible participants with a free home energy assessment and weatherization upgrades at no cost, to lower energy bills, improve the energy efficiency and to make the home more comfortable. The program is offered to qualifying low-income private single family households and to all social housing providers and residents in the Enbridge Gas franchise area. The program is delivered by GreenSaver in the City of Toronto, Peel, York, Simcoe and Niagara Regions; by EnviroCentre in the Ottawa Region; Windfall Centre in Durham Region and Peterborough. At the time of home energy assessment, homes will also be qualified for the supply and installation of programmable thermostats and showerheads, kitchen and bathroom aerators. As well, the customer may be eligible for a carbon monoxide detector.

For more information, learn more about the eligibility criteria and to obtain an application form, visit or contact the Delivery Agent in your area:
GTA, York, Peel, Niagara and Simcoe Region – GreenSaver website at or call 416-203-3106 (1-888-855-3106 toll-free)
Ottawa Region – EnviroCentre at or call 1-877-580-2582
Durham, Peterborough and York Region - Windfall Centre at or call 1-866-280-4431


Union Gas: Home Weatherization Program

The Home Weatherization Program offers income-eligible Union Gas customers with free energy-saving upgrades for their home.  The program provides a home energy assessment to determine potential for installation of attic insulation, basement insulation, wall insulation and draft proofing.  Participating customers may also be eligible for the free installation of up to two shower heads, kitchen and basin aerators, pipe wrap, and a programmable thermostat. Tenants or homeowners must live in a residential dwelling (three storeys or less with a natural gas furnace) and must meet the income eligibility criteria to qualify for the program. Find out if you are eligible for the free energy saving program at

Discretionary benefit to cover energy conservation measures
This is a $50 one-time benefit to pay for heating payments and payments for pre-approved, low-cost energy conservation measures, such as caulking, sealing or weather stripping around doors and windows, insulating hot water pipes and hot water tanks, and installing flow restrictors in showerhead pipes. It is available to OW and ODSP recipients, who can contact their caseworkers for more information.


 Note:  This summary is not an exhaustive list.  It represents LIEN’s best efforts to identify available programs to assist low-income consumers and will be updated regularly.

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