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LIEN Energy Poverty Toolkit

The Low-Income Energy Network (LIEN) has designed an energy poverty toolkit. Inside the manual you will find:

  • a backgrounder on energy poverty that outlines the problem
  • a summary of existing low-income energy programs in the province and the current landscape
  • a list of barriers and common issues facing low-income energy consumers
  • examples of how to work locally to end energy poverty in your community
  • tips for dealing with your local media, including a sample opinion piece that can be tailored
  • helpful conservation tips
  • other resources, such as statistics

LIEN’s energy poverty toolkit is intended to be a “living document” which will continue to be altered, amended and updated by either a limited or unrestricted group. This is to ensure that it is both relevant and current. We will continue to update the toolkit and we invite you to provide feedback and share your own ideas and resources so that all community members can benefit from your knowledge and experience. Comments as to how it might be improved or additional material added would therefore be welcomed.

Click to open document:

LIEN energy poverty toolkit (updated January 2013)

Disclaimer: Much of the information contained in the toolkit is a compilation of existing resources (e.g. Ontario Energy Board website). However, it has been developed and arranged in a manner that should facilitate easy use. The reader is encouraged to follow web links to other documents in order to obtain additional information about specific areas.

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